Here's what's going on in my world. Announcments, new products, thoughts, rambles. All are fair game on this page. If you see a design or doodle that you like and would like to see it on a sticker or t-shirt, let me know! Ready to order? Visit the merch page!

July 29th, 2012

First Android™ App Released!

Well I'm almost out of stock of most of my tshirts so I figured I'd go a different direction for my next endeavor: Android! I've released my first app to the Google Play marketplace under the ConeDesigns name and of course it's autocross related.

SoloWeights is the very first Android-powered minimum weight calculator for autocrossers! Check it out by searching the Google Play marketplace on your Android phone or tablet or follow the links at www.soloweights.com. Enjoy!

August 12th, 2010

I'm Still Here!

Wow! Has it been almost 2 years since I updated this blog?! Well, I'm still here, I'm still autocrossing more than ever (that's my baby to the right), and I've still got plenty of stock of most of my shirts for you to buy. The plan is to try to pare down my current stock of shirts before introducing any new designs.

So, order away, and hopefully I can get some new shirts up on here early next year. Thanks out to all of my customers past, present, and future! (BTW, I had to raise shipping prices just a bit today to cover my costs, I'm still charging less than it costs to ship so I hope you can forgive me!)

August 20th, 2008

Nationals Update and Thanks!

It has been a great summer for Cone-Designs! Sales have been great thanks to SCCAForums members (thanks!), and we're looking forward to Nationals in less than a month!

So, if you've been on the fence about purchasing some fine autocross tshirts from Cone-Designs here is some extra incentive: buy any shirt between now and Nats for delivery at Nationals (no shipping charge!) and I'll throw in a Cone-Designs Rockstar shirt in any size you want for no extra charge. That's right, free delivery to Topeka and a free shirt. Be sure to let me know in your Paypal comments that you want this option and I'll refund your shipping costs and pack your stuff for Topeka. Thanks again for a great Summer!

April 16th, 2008

Cone-Designs Fire Sale and Some New Colors!

Ok, nothing is really on fire but I've got a bunch of tshirts in my spare room so I'm doing a little "Spring Cleaning" if you will. What does that mean to you? That means that all of my first season shirts are only $7 plus shipping! Shipping for one shirt is only $3 so that means you get a nice new autocross shirt delivered to your door for just ten bucks! You can buy spares at this price. The designs on sale include the "Look Ahead, Sucka!" and "Look Ahead Logo" shirts.

But wait, there's more...

I've dropped the prices on the rest of the tshirts to just $12 plus shipping! This includes the "Rockstar", "I'm Down", and "Cone-Killer" tshirts. And even cooler, the "I'm Down" design now comes in four color choices: dark grey (charcoal), light grey, royal blue, and navy blue! Check out the designs and order directly from this website. Or shoot me an email if you have a special request!

And, one more thing...

This is now the main home page for www.cone-designs.com. I thought the original intro page had grown a little stale and wasn't really relevent to the direction of the company. Lots of minor updates today, take a look around. Enjoy!

November 9th, 2007

Spokes Divisional T-shirt Design!

This is the t-shirt that I designed for the 2007 Spokes SCCA Divisional at TVTC. We've still got a few of these t-shirts left, shoot me an email if you're interested in purchasing one. All proceeds go to Spokes. If you're wondering, yes, I've taken some time off from creating new designs, but look for more next Spring!

May 15th, 2007

"Class of '07 is here!"

The new shirts are in and they came out awesome! There are four styles to choose from: "RockStar" in black, "ConeKiller" in white, and "I'mDown" in light or dark grey. Order here!

April 25th, 2007

"T-shirt Sale!"

Great news! We've got new merchandise coming in soon based on the designs below. T-shirts should be available in about two weeks. What does this mean to you now? All of the first run shirts are on sale for just ten bucks each! That includes the Look Ahead logo shirts as well as the Look Ahead, Sucka! shirts. Plus, buy a shirt and I'll even throw in a full set of stickers. Order here!

April 18th, 2007

"Rockstar Original"

This one has been on my list since I started Cone-Designs. This is the original concept version. No autocrossing content? The blue tape and shoe polish have everything to do with autocrossing, especially for budget-minded rockers! I'd like to make this into a t-shirt someday (as soon as I figure out how to make the silkscreen look like painter's tape!)

April 18th, 2007

"Rockstar Simple"

This simple version of the Rockstar design will be made up into small stickers (2.75"x2.75") and will be available for local distribution and online ordering in 4 to 8 weeks. Rock on!

January 23rd, 2007

"I'm Down"

I've been wanting to do this one for a while now. I'm reasonably happy with how it came out so I hope to make some stickers at the very least. Let me know if you would buy a shirt with this on it!

December 27th, 2006

"Cone Killer"

The cliché of autocross clichés, second only to "Look ahead". I'm shameless, what can I say. I got a Wacom tablet for Christmas (thanks honey!) and it looks like it's going to be fun.